BobCat BackYard

Friendships are essential on every campus!  Students come together to eat lunch, socialize, and play games.  The BobCat BackYard is giving students the opportunity to expand their experiences and create new relationships.   
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   Come Visit the BobCat BackYard every Mon/Wed/Fri at Lunch in Room 704
What is Happening in the BackYard?
November is Gratitude month
Your Challenge for the month!
1.  Think of one thing that you are grateful for and write it down
2.  Send a thank you note to a friend or teacher
Wellness Wednesday Workshop
When: 11/28/18 in the BobCat BackYard (room 704) during PAW
Where to Sign Up:  Counseling Office with Mrs. Ngo
Discussion:  Spreading gratitude at CVMS, helping individuals find what matters to them, and how they can contribute to CVMS/Community