Physical Education

The core physical education program stresses development of skills through a wide variety of activities. This course is designed to be part of a continuous process to meet the following goals of physical education, which include:
  • Physical activity
  • Physical fitness
  • Movement skills and knowledge
  • Social development and interaction
  • Self-image and self-realization
  • Individual excellence
  • Lifelong fitness and healthy habits
Not only is the importance of physical fitness supported in our program, but we also emphasize student wellness, which includes:





One who is who is positively engaged in the school culture and surrounding community.  One who builds and fosters emotional awareness while relating to others in a positive way. A student who has the knowledge to live a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and eating balanced meals. A student who engages in expanding their knowledge and skills in a variety of tasks and sharing with others.

All PE classes meet the Physical Education Model Content Standards for California Public Schools.

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Physical Education Department Members: 

Cliff Boyles    Karen Geaslin

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