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Residency Verification (CVMS Site)

February 1, 2021 - March 26, 2021

February 1, 2021 - March 26, 2021

Each year, the Annual Residency Verification Affidavit must be submitted along with two proofs of residency as listed in the affidavit.
Parents may electronically submit the affidavit and two proofs of residency documents using their Aeries parent portal account by uploading the documentation.
SDUHSD families with more than one student currently enrolled in the District and planning to return next year, will only need to provide one residency verification per family.
SDUHSD families with incoming 7th graders will need to submit duplicate residency verification, one for the currently enrolled student(s) and one for the incoming 7th-grade student.
If the student(s) will not be returning in the 2021-2022 school year, please notify the School Registrar as soon as possible.
annual residency vertification

annual residency vertification

Dear CVMS Parent or Guardian:

San Dieguito Union High School District is obligated to provide an education for those students who reside within its attendance boundaries. From time to time, a student's residency is researched because of continued lateness, returned mail, excessive absence or statements from students indicating they live outside of the District's attendance boundaries. Based on these issues, the District will have a pair of employees visit the residence to verify that the student in question lives there. A report is made as to the findings and that report is forwarded to the individual schools.

Beginning in February each year, SDUHSD will be conducting its annual residency verification for all continuing SDUHSD students and any new students enrolling for the next school year. This process is a legal requirement in California, and it helps our district ensure that all available resources are spent efficiently and effectively to the benefit of SDUHSD families. Moreover, these additional steps will help provide a full and precise accounting of our student population as we review staffing for the coming year.

All continuing students in grades 7 through 11 must submit residency documentation by March 29th in order to schedule classes for the next school year. Forms must be dropped off at your student’s school.

Required enrollment forms can be found below or at your student’s school. Check the main district website at or follow us on Facebook for updated information.  


Estimado padre o tutor:

A partir de febrero, el Distrito Escolar de San Dieguito comenzará el proceso anual de verificación de domicilio para los estudiantes que continuarán asistiendo y de los estudiantes de nuevo ingreso al Distrito Escolar, para el próximo año escolar. Este proceso es un requisito legal en California y ayuda a nuestro distrito a asegurarse que todos los recursos disponibles se utilicen de manera eficiente,  eficaz y en beneficio de las familias de SDUHSD.   Estas medidas adicionales también, ayudarán a proporcionar una contabilidad completa y precisa de nuestra población estudiantil que nos ayudará con el planeamiento del  personal escolar que se necesitará para el próximo año escolar.

Todos los estudiantes en grados 7 al 11 que continuarán en nuestras escuelas deben presentar la documentación de residencia a más tardar el 30 de marzo de esa manera podremos programar las clases para el próximo año escolar. Los formularios pueden ser entregados en la escuela de su hijo/a.

Formularios de inscripción requeridos se pueden encontrar abajo  o en la escuela de su estudiante. Visite el sitio web del distrito en o síganos en Facebook para obtener información actualizada.