School Vision & Mission

Carmel Valley Middle School will meet the developmental needs of all our students through a creative and challenging environment, which encompasses the essential tenets of a middle school philosophy:
  • Strong academics and high expectations
  • A positive school climate
  • Flexible scheduling to better meet student needs
  • Curriculum that is integrated and exploratory
  • An adult advocate for each child
  • Programs that foster health, wellness and safety
  • Comprehensive guidance and support services
  • Family and community partnerships

Our MissionTop of Page

Our mission is to educate our students in a safe and challenging learning environment to become life-long learners who will be resourceful, responsible, and compassionate community members.

Carmel Valley Middle School Core Values: The pioneering spirit of Carmel Valley Middle School leads us to value...

Student Focus
We provide a caring, student-centered community that encourages students to become well-rounded, responsible members of society.

We provide a challenging academic environment that empowers students to reach their potential, develop real-life applications, and embrace life-long learning.

We are a professional staff that practices respectful interactions, shared decision-making, and continuous collaboration.

We are committed to open, honest, and respectful communication among students, staff, parents, and community.

Safe And Secure Environment
We provide an environment that is physically and emotionally safe and secure, one that fosters self-expression, respects individuality, and accepts diversity.