Private School Recommendations

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If your student will be applying to a private school, and you will be requesting written transcripts, teacher, or administrator recommendations, please follow these procedures:

For Transcript/Grade Requests: On-line teacher or administrator recommendations will still require a transcript to be mailed. Please bring a signed transcript request form with a pre-addressed stamped envelope (9" x 12") with four (4) stamps to Mrs. Ngo in the Counseling office.  *Envelopes for Cathedral Catholic High School are not required.

For written Teacher/Administrator Requests: If your student has a form for a teacher or administrator to complete, please give the form directly to the teacher or administrator's assistant with a pre-addressed stamped envelope to be mailed once completed.

Due to the volume of Private School Recommendations we receive, please provide any requests 1-2 weeks in advance of the deadline. Note that transcripts will not be sent to schools until after the end of the first semester on January 27.

Please contact Mrs.Ngo at if you have any questions.

All items submitted incomplete or without a pre-addressed stamped envelope will be returned to the student.